BJYM Jharkhand Structure

BJYM Jharkhand's Leadership structure is similar to that of the BJP & BJYM, with a President, Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Secretaries, Media Incharges, Social Media Incharges and Executive Members - with the Sates Executive being the highest decision-making body of the BJYM Jharkhand. At the state level, a similar structure is in place till the mandal level.


Established in 1978, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) is the World’s largest Youth based Political Organisation. It is the youth extension of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the World’s largest Political Party and popularly known as “Yuva Morcha” amongst its followers and sympathizers. BJYM was established as an organization giving voices to the Youth of India. It provides a forum for young people to participate significantly in the socio-political process and develop their natural leadership skills to serve society and the nation.

Creating Future Leaders

Shri Kalraj Mishra served as the first President of BJYM. Since its establishment, BJYM has nurtured some of the most efficient administrators and most of them have later on served the nation through BJP. Similary, the fist President of Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha Jharkhand was Shri Balmukund Shah. Some of the most prominent Leaders including Shri Balmukund Sahay, Shri Biranchi Narayan, Shri Binay Chaubey, Shri Vinay Jaiswal, Shri Anant Kumar Ojha, Shri Bablu Bhagat, Shri Ramakant Mahto, Shri Amit Kumar, BJYM Jharkhand.

BJYM Vision and Mission

In the words of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi “It is the resolve of the party to change India from a developing country to a developed country.” The BJYM adheres to this ideology and is dedicated to bring in essential changes for the Development of the Country. It is entrusted responsibility of every member of the team to passionately work towards New India. Centerpiece of the BJP’s philosophy is Antyodaya – the welfare of the last person in the queue Inspired by the concept of Antyodaya, BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with coalition governments in different states, is continuously moving on the path of Antyodaya. BJP strongly believes in Nation First, Party Next & Self Last and the same value is inbuilt in every member of the BJYM.

Engaging the Youth

BJYM has remained active in recruiting young party members, encouraging youth to join politics and engage them in National issues . In the last few years BJYM has played a very crucial role in educating citizens about the various schemes of the government ensuring that the benefits of the scheme reaches the ultimate beneficiary. BJYM has organized several camps making people aware of their rights and has helped the government to ensure that the benefits of the schemes reach the common man of the country. BJYM’s contribution in rural India has been commendable. A large proportion of members of the BJYM belong to Rural India.

The BJYM and Youth

The members of the BJYM are young leaders from all across the country who are dedicated to bring Social, Economic and Cultural prosperity in every part of India. Their principles include Nationalism, Integral Humanism and National Unity. Politically, BJYM aligns with its Parent organization – BJP, while it also organises numerous social events across the country. BJYM believes in young people’s potential to bring in positive changes in democratic processes. Globally, youth participation and representation in institutional political processes and policy-making is relatively low. BJYM aims to enable participation of youth into politics in India. BJYM provides a training ground for young members who wish to excel within party structures. Examples of training include skill-building workshops, mentoring programmes, and policy development activities. It also provides a platform for young people to influence party policy development and leadership selection.

BJYM Cares

The BJYM has been at the forefront of raising issues that affect the youth and the whole nation, be it organizing protests or solving problems. BJYM organizes events, rallies, marathons and training camps across the country, thus becoming the most active Youth Organization at national as well as state level in India. BJYM is the largest youth political organization of the world and is ever growing BJYM also played a key role during the COVID 19 Pandemic, whereby the members volunteered and supported the government in creating awareness, distributing rations, setting up temporary hospitals and assisting the front line workers in their duties. BJYM has regularly conducted blood donation drives all over India.